Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In addition...

... I forgot to mention a few things in the last post. First of all, I was up in Cold Spring, NY, for six days with a friend and it was the most wonderful vacation I've had in a long time. It rained, it was cold, but I feel so happy when I am in a beautiful setting, surrounded by nature and quiet, I didn't care about the weather or anything else. I am so grateful that I had that time to relax and just get away from life.

During that week, Ted Kennedy died. We didn't watch the funeral, but we did watch several shows about his life. I didn't know that he spent years going to read to a young woman every single week and that he tried to be like a dad to his nieces and nephews and a grandfather to their children. He made mistakes in his life, but he certainly accomplished a great deal and affected millions of people's lives in a very positive way. We will miss him.

And then the story about the young woman who was abducted eighteen years ago in California is pretty horrific. I haven't been keeping up with the news and last night I started to listen to the story on CNN, but I had to turn it off. Nothing worse than listening to terrible news right before you fall asleep.


Mia said...

I'm so touched by Ted Kennedy's redemptive life. He made a terrible mistake early on, but he spent much of the rest of his life atoning for that wrong and leading with purity of purpose. If he could live with himself and make a meaningful life for himself, anyone can!

Robin Amos Kahn said...

Well said! Thanks.