Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gratitude/a day at a time

Every morning I read a few daily readers and this morning, in One Day At a Time in Alanon, I read this entry, which I thought was worth sharing:

"Here's an eye-opening, mind-opening, question to ask myself: What am I doing with what I've got? Instead of crying over what I don't have, and wishing my life were different, what am I doing with what I've got?

Am I so sure I'm doing everything possible to make my life a success? Am I using my capabilities well? Do I recognize and appreciate all I have to be grateful for?

Actually I am the possessor of unlimited resources. The more I do with them, the more they will grow, to overshadow and cancel out the difficult and painful aspects that now get so much of my attention.


Isn't my life full of potential good that I'm not using? Couldn't I bring it to fruition by changing my attitude? As a beginning, I will apply liberal amounts of gratitude for even my littlest advantages and pleasures. When I build on this precious foundation of present, tangible good, things will continue to change for the better.

God, make me grateful for all the good things I have been taking for granted."

Life is definitely interesting now. I'm feeling both excitement and fear simultaneously. I think it's all perfect and I'm focusing on the gratitude I have for my community of friends. And my dogs.

I am looking forward to Obama's speech tonight on health care. I hope that enough people who are in favor of universal coverage will rise up and let Congress know that we will not tolerate living in a country that cannot offer quality health care to ALL its citizens.