Sunday, January 3, 2010

"What is it with you and fun?"

My ex once actually said those words to me.  I'm telling you this not to point the finger or cast blame.  I'm just saying, I like fun.  I need fun.  I crave fun. 

And this year, I am going to have it.  It's been a long time, since I have felt so in control of my life - and also out of control.  I can choose the people I want to spend time with and what I do with some of my time.  I can't control much else, but one thing I am going to focus on is bringing joy and fun into my life.

Last night Abigail, my loftmate, and I had a group of women over for dinner and a movie.  We bought ourselves a flat screen TV for Christmas (not big) and then a cable guy came and attached a new hi def cable box, but somehow our DVD player was not attached.  I spent a good forty-five minutes on the phone with Time Warner, much to the amusement of our guests, but I failed in my mission to figure out what the problem was.

We had a really enjoyable evening anyway, talking and laughing and I am always amazed at how much I love being with people and how isolated my prior life had been.  

So this year, I choose fun.  I choose spending more time with people I really like and who like me, and are also looking to bring more pleasure and fun into their lives. I have realized lately that I'm not an extrovert or an introvert - I'm a centrovert.  I am nourished by being with people and I couldn't possibly exist without time alone.  This year I'm on a hunt for a more authentic life.  I'm still meditating, imperfectly, but daily. 

I need to throw in a plug for gratitude. Last year was difficult, but I wouldn't trade a moment of it.  It truly was "a creative and transformative experience."  And I guess this year will probably continue to be as well.  

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."   Lao-tse

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