Monday, January 4, 2010

Right brain and follow through

I have this problem:  too many ideas and not enough follow through.  I think it's a challenging dilemma, probably much better than others I could have, but still a problem.

Now that my mom has passed away and my family is scattered and all I have to really worry about on a daily basis is myself, my fourteen and a half year-old incontinent dog with diabetes incipitus (sp?), my seven and a half year-old blind, arthritic dog with disk problems, my financial situation, my teeth, my friends, where I'll live, when I'll meet someone to love, etc., etc., perhaps I can finally really channel all the ideas I have into actions and actually accomplish something important.

Some of what I've already done is pretty much out of my hands...but new projects are beginning to come to my mind and I want to really focus attention on them and make them real.

2010 may be the year of accomplishment, or at least the start of the decade of accomplishment.  I hope so! 

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