Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fish Tank

Okay, so yesterday I did a little whining about my life and today I am extremely grateful for all the things I get to do, living in this amazing city.  Last week a friend of mine left me a voice message and I couldn't really understand the whole message, but I got: "film, Wednesday night, IFC."  So I called back and said yes and I still didn't know what we were seeing, so I asked her last night when I went to meet her and she said, "Fish Tank."   I've never heard of "Fish Tank", but she said it was supposed to be great and I figured okay, it's free, I get to spend time with my friend and I love movies.

They gave us a handout when we first arrived at the theater.  I read the first paragraph "Director Andrea Arnold's film always begin with an image, which she doesn't really understand, but uses it to figure out what the film is about....she doesn't give the actors a script.  The seventeen year-old lead was discovered while fighting with her boyfriend on a train platform near the town where the film was eventually shot and when the casting agent approached her and asked if she would like to be in a film, the girl said, 'Fuck off.'"  (She thought it was a joke.)  

I knew right away that I was probably going to like this movie. Katie Jarvis played the lead and she is quite talented and intuitive.

Anyway,, the film was fascinating.  Lots of shades of gray of human behavior, truth and raw performances.  The lead actor, Michael Fassbender is brilliant in a difficult role.   Everyone walked a very thin line and managed to keep their balance.  Everyone was multi-dimensional, which is so rare these days.  I can't wait to see it again.  Michael Fassbender was there last night to talk about the film and he is charming and incredibly handsome. It was a wonderful night. I love living in NY, I didn't even mind walking home in the cold, and I so appreciate my friends. And really great art. 


Barbara Toback said...

Sounds terrific! I would love to see it with you. Just tell me when.xoxo Barb

Robin Amos Kahn said...

I just read that the film won the Jury Prize at Cannes.