Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dating rock stars

I just finished reading Bono's op-ed piece in the NY Times.  I didn't understand a third of it, but all I could think about is - wow, you are sexy, talented and smart.  And committed to improving the world, and rich, and you seem to walk the walk, and why aren't you on Match?  Or having dinner in Savoy across the street, so I could meet you there?  

Electric cars, cancer, the World Cup, teleportation, pollution, those are just half of the ten suggestions Bono wrote about today in his op-ed piece.  And here I am writing about dating him.  Well, have you ever seen him in concert?  He's very sexy in that powerful, lead singer/song writer activist with a private plane kind of way.  

I'm not crazy about the sunglasses, but I'm sure he doesn't wear them to bed.  

I would also like to do yoga with Sting. 

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