Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dancing day two

My chest feels a bit tight and it feels like I'm riding on a roller coaster, but basically we're all doing okay.

This morning I got an email from a friend who left her marriage eight years ago and moved to Manhattan to start a new life. She said, "...and you're feeling up and down...yep! That's the way of, grief, exuberance, guilt, sadness, fear, and for them, Robin, because you are being surrounded by them."

Finding a place to live is going to be challenging, but I talked to a guy in my workshop at TAI and he rents out a beautiful big bedroom in his apartment on 117th Street and Central Park West just north of the park. He produces dance companies tours and is on the road a lot. According to his lease there are no pets allowed, but he said there are plenty of dogs in the building, so he's going to check into it. I would love to explore that neighborhood. We may have to split up the dogs, which would be very difficult. But two dogs makes finding a place harder.

I went to a surprise party last night for my dear friend Bella. (I doubt she's ever surprised anymore because she and her husband throw these parties for each other almost every year.) Anyway, at the party were several mothers I knew when Zoe was in elementary and middle school. It was interesting to talk with them about what they are doing with their lives now and how their relationships are going. One woman travels all over the world for her work and she says she loves her life, but is quite happy to rarely see her husband. She said he is always complaining about his health (and he's a doctor). Honest. Another spends half her time in California, also away from her spouse. And a third is quite thrilled with her life. She and her husband both became yoga enthusiasts and she teaches yoga. They also love to tango. I think I need to take some dance lessons, so I'm going to check into the studio she goes to. She said it can be very frustrating, when you don't get asked to dance and that might be a problem (flashbacks of junior high school.) But I'm putting dance classes on my to do list.

The party was a good distraction. I was thinking of not going, but my friend reminded me that you have to stick to your first commitments. I was so glad I went - Bella's store is gorgeous and will be opening soon. Fleurs Bella, 11th Street between University Place and Broadway. She is a genius.

Today I'm going to the gym for a personal training session (I got a good deal for five sessions) and then I'm going to see my mother. It's going to be a bumpy day!

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Mia said...

Do consider yoga. You know I'm a zealot for yoga, but it really does help calm anxiety ...