Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday morning - Hurricane Irene aftermath

New York and all the states seems to have really learned from Hurricane Katrina and their emergency plans were in place.  Also, the hurricane really hasn't been much of a storm, at least not in the city.  Outside of the city, it was terrible. 

I was a little scared, I have to admit, but it was lovely to be here with Abigail and Nate.  Nate cooked us a fantastic dinner, chicken tikka masala and dal.  

We watched a rather odd film called "The Trip."  

Here are some photos from a walk through SoHo this morning.  The scaffolding on top of the Puck Building is leaning over the front of the building and Lafayette Street is blocked off to traffic.  That was really the only damage I could see, other than some tree branches falling.

New York City was very lucky. 

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