Friday, July 23, 2010


You know when you have something to do and you really don't want to do it, so you do everything you can to put it off, but eventually you have no choice but to sit down and do it.  Or write a blog post.

So that's what I'm doing now.

I actually have nothing terribly pressing to write about, I just don't want to work on a financial spread sheet and get it to my lawyer.  

So...what can I write about?

The fact that I just ran three miles and feel ecstatically happy and in love with everyone and everything in life?  That's how the endorphins feel for several hours after running.  Nothing bothers you, no one bothers you, everything is fantastic and you forget that the world is a mess and there are so many problems that are probably unfixable, so now I'm starting to come down a bit, no, not ready, need more happiness.  One of the things I enjoy most about my running is that I listen to music that really lifts my energy and my spirits and actually - you can always do that, you don't need to run three miles.

Okay, that was about two minutes that I should have spent on this report. I think I'll work on it now and report back later, that it's done.  Or at least partly done.  

I'm not a big procrastinator, but there are certain things I dread dealing with.  The great feeling of accomplishment when it's finished though is another high - so here I go!  

Actually, I think I'm a little hungry...


Zen Mama said...

Run girl run! Now sit down and do your spreadsheet. The hardest part is getting started.

Robin Amos Kahn said...

I ate lunch, walked the dogs, read Facebook, and am going to take a little nap. And then I'll start. Actually, I started yesterday really so it's just getting re-started.

Robin Amos Kahn said...


David said...

OK- bring your bitches and your bitching upstate to chill out.
The pond and gardens are never nicer than right now.
I don't at all want to offend with the previous sentences, just to observe and offer.
Come pick and prepare countless meals from the garden, bondfires under the full moon, and company of old friends. Make a fresh- picked blueberry pie, sail on the Finger Lakes, skinny dip in the pond. Bring friends. Love- David

staceyjwarner said...

i'd postpone too, yuck.

much love