Saturday, October 4, 2008

Boogieman, an important film

I haven't seen it yet, but it's about someone I've been obsessed with for years, the late Lee Atwater, evil Republican mastermind of numerous elections, Karl Rove's mentor (Rove is Steve Schmidt, McCain's campaign manager's mentor). Atwater was the man who changed the course of American politics for generations. And not in a good way. He died of brain cancer.

The film is "Boogie Man" and here is the website for it:

I am going to see it as soon as I can. I suggest you put it on your Netflix account, if it's not playing at a theater near you. The schedule for the film is on the website.

If you think that the next month is not going to be filled with Republican dirty tricks, you are dreaming. Start with today's article in the NY Times with the Obama "so-called connection" to William Ayers. More is coming. Trust me.

On another note, I just watched the Charlie Rose interview with Warren Buffett that aired a couple of days ago on PBS. If you have 55 minutes to spare, this is a really good discussion of what's been happening in our economy in the last three weeks:

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anniemcq said...

I remember being obsessed with the evilness of Lee Atwater when I was a freshman in college. Can't wait to see this film.