Saturday, October 25, 2008

"God Said Ha!"

Matt, my director, (I never in my entire life thought I'd be saying "Matt, my director") suggested that I watch Julia Sweeney's monologue "God Said Ha!" I remember reading it years ago, but actually seeing it (even on film) is such a different experience. It's about her parents moving into her tiny bungalow in L.A. to care for her brother who has lymphoma (and has also moved in) - and then on top of everything else, she finds out that she has cervical cancer. It's sad and it's also funny. I'm so glad I watched it. She was on "Saturday Night Live" for a few years, but it was during a time that I didn't watch it very often, so I can't say that I knew much about her work, but it's a wonderful piece and she's a lovely actor and writer. It also helped me see that my monologue is simply my story and I don't have to be so worried about what people will think of it, or me, or my family, I just have to tell my story. I also can start to see the shape of a longer piece that I may write, although it's very vague at this point, I have some ideas about it.

It was a really good idea that Matt had and I'm grateful for Netflix. I also ordered "Young at Heart" which we will watch tonight, since it's a rainy and windy night and though I wanted to see "Religulous" I'd rather stay home with everyone and relax on the couch, with Lucy and Lola.

Life is pretty good. I was anxious earlier today and now I feel much less anxious and a little more excited. I think that this is a story a lot of people can relate to, being a member of the sandwich generation. (I think of myself as more of a panini.)

I just googled Julia Sweeney and it seems that her life has been really good since she performed that monologue. Her brother did die, but she's recovered and has adopted a little girl from China. Her most recent monologue will be coming out this November and I will definitely see that too. And she has a blog, so I'll check that out too.

Ten more days until the election. Did you read the funny David Sedaris piece in last week's New Yorker about people who are undecided? "That''s like being on an airplane and having the flight attendant ask if you'd like the chicken or the shit with pieces of broken glass in it?"

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anniemcq said...

I love Julia Sweeney, and I've heard her read parts of her book on the radio. I can't wait to put Young At Heart on my netflix, and I nearly died laughing reading the Sedaris piece. Such a funny guy!