Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Next Performance

Well, it looks like there will be another performance coming up in the fall. Matt just contacted us about our Level 3 workshop, which requires us to produce probably three nights of performances, with Matt as our director and us (Jake, Shawn, Karen and me) as the producers. We are all women, despite the names and we may have a woman singer as well. Fortunately, everyone has had some experience with production and I think (I know) we will be able to pull it all together. The hard part for me is that now we have to memorize our monologues and I have that horrible fear of getting on the stage and forgetting every line. I've had numerous dreams about that happening to me over the years and Chris Durang wrote a very funny play about that called "The Actor's Nightmare" which I better not re-read.

So - I will be making another kind of debut of sorts (no script) in a small-ish theater on 37th Street sometime in October or early November. And that is very exciting! And I hope I can lose at least ten pounds and find contact lenses that are comfortable before then. It's fun to have something exciting to focus on, especially since this election is really getting to me.


Mia said...

I am thrilled! Will it be the same monologue or a new one? Selfishly I hope it will be the old one, so I can "catch up."

anniemcq said...

OOOOOh! This is so exciting!