Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I've just watched (in the past four days) 11 of the 12 episodes of Californication. It's good, really well written and David Duchovney is terrific, but no wonder he had to go to rehab for sex addiction! What male, when faced with getting naked with so many absolutely stunning women (all under 27) would have been able to resist? All the women are tall, long-limbed, long-haired beauties who all look alike, except for the one woman he's in love with, the tallest, longest limbed, longest haired stunner, who's smart and is the mother of his daughter, (who's short and has bangs) and is a rocker in training. David plays a hip NY alcoholic writer turned bitter Hollywood screenwriter, who has a bald agent/best friend with a heart of gold. (Played adorably by Evan Handler). His relationship with his daughter is charming.

Sounds terrible but it works and I like it, lots of sex. Who doesn't like sex? Who doesn't need sex?

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