Monday, September 29, 2008

A difficult day

I couldn't think of a single thing to say at the end of a day like yesterday, with the stock market dropping 778 points. So I threw something up, but now I want to just say, what the fuck?

I don't understand this really - I mean, I know that there are "experts" who say there has to be a bailout, because "look! 1.2 trillion dollars lost in one day." But was it really lost? How do you lose a trillion dollars? And then today if the market goes up, is it suddenly found? I was reading the "experts" on the Huffington Post yesterday and they were writing about the bailout being unnecessary, helping Wall Street, not Main Street, and then I found out that the Dow dropped 778 points which will affect everyone and that lenders won't be able to lend, and therefore the economy may collapse - but really won't that mean that people with money can buy lots of stocks and get great bargains and then when the market goes up again, they will be even richer? Through all of this, I can only suggest remembering to breathe, since other than writing letters and complaining, what else can we do?

Our beloved Lucy, the 12 year-old beagle is having another surgery on her ear, she has another huge blood clot. The cost: $800. I can understand why people are having to abandon their pets, when vet costs are so high.

One of the people in our monologue night has dropped out. Jake - our wonderful Jake who had all the experience producing shows. We are now waiting to find another person to participate. This is stressful too. I did find a prop I needed - red cowboy boots.

Today I am going to visit my mother. That is never easy. Before I leave, I will do my meditation and try to maintain a zen attitude all day. That requires much breathing and possibly ice cream.

In honor of my cousin Rosanne, I may take a trip to Coney Island, which is just a few stops on the train from my mother's residence. Rosanne and I used to sneak off to Coney Island and ride the Cyclone, the famous wooden roller coaster, screaming our heads off and getting back on the line to do it over and over again. The Cyclone seems a bit like life these days.

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