Sunday, July 6, 2008


This is going to be a short one. This morning as I was waiting for my tea to steep, I was looking through the Times and saw an obituary of Michael Turner, 37, a successful cartoonist, "creator of superheroines," a very handsome man. I always feel so sad when I see an obit of someone so young. He died of complications from treatment of bone cancer (I assume you want to know). It always seems so unfair.

As I was thinking about him and about people's lives ending way too soon, I remembered a moment from my retreat that moved me and reminded me about being in the moment and enjoying life as it is today. My friend Bill, a wonderful singer, performed one of my favorite songs from my 20's, at a time when I felt that life was really hard sometimes and very lonely. I would listen to this song and feel much better.

It's James Taylor's song, "The Secret of Life" and I will include it here shortly.

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