Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Countdown to the Reading

An acquaintance wrote me an email today and said, "I didn't even know you acted." And I wrote back, "Neither did I." So I guess you wouldn't call it acting, what I'm going to be doing tomorrow night, so much as playing.

Lower your expectations, is what I'm trying to say.

The odd thing is that I'm not that scared. Yet. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm sure I will be booking a flight out of the country. Where should I go? Somewhere no one knows me. Which is pretty much anywhere. I'm going to be saying, "What the ?!?!! was I thinking??!!" And then I will probably pop a quarter of something, like a Klonipin or a Xanax. Someone suggested a beta blocker, but I have never tried that and it scares me to try anything new. So I googled beta blocker and it mentioned the word epinephrine and that really scared me. I once had a shot that had epinephrine in it and I felt really weird.

So drugs, meditation, praying and if all else fails, a ticket to Bangkok. Or Buenos Aires. Oh - how about New Zealand - no, it's winter there. Forget that.

I'll keep you posted. (Literally.) Thanks for your good thoughts!

And I am so proud of my partners in the reading, they are all terrific.

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Mia said...

Robin, You have enormous natural charm. You could read the phone book and your audience would be riveted. Looking forward to it!