Monday, July 14, 2008

Introspective? Who me?

This morning I received an email from my former next door neighbor Susie (I was Rhoda to her Mary when I lived at the Harper House in Los Angeles many years ago.) She said I was perhaps the most introspective person she knows. I don't think I'm the most introspective person I know, but maybe I should try to not be so self-absorbed.

So...I'll give it try. It's rainy here today in Brooklyn. Early this morning, I listened to the rain and it sounded so wonderful. We've had many days of sunshine so the rain is a welcome change.

Last night Steve and I went out to dinner and had Middle Eastern food. I ordered a combination plate with things I can't spell beyond Hummus, but they were all good and Steve had a shish kabob with rice and salad.

Then we came home and watched that new HBO series about Iraq that had hundreds of jeeps moving through the desert, some good looking actors (all guys - I didn't see a single woman - perhaps because they were marines). I fell asleep though as we were watching it.

I also met last night with a friend, Maggie, who wants to sell her apartment. I work in real estate and although it's a difficult time right now, I hope we can get her a good price for the apartment and find her a great little house with a nice garden somewhere in Brooklyn.

I would like to spend more time thinking about peace in the world, how to solve disease and hunger, but I don't know what to do about those problems.

Steve is leaving tomorrow night for Spain. He will be there for two weeks and Zoe and I will be here together, which should be nice, if our schedules intersect at all.

For breakfast I will be having oatmeal and watching the rain. Although right now it's not raining, so I will be watching it not rain.

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Mia said...

I know what you mean about the big problems. I feel obligated to be concentratedly miserable about them a few minutes a day, and they cast a pall over my mood a good deal of the rest of the time, but they are so huge I don't feel capable of taking action.