Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Older You Get

From an article in The Washington Post. Getting older may make you happier!

"Several studies have produced a stream of evidence that…happens to overturn one of the most stubborn American stereotypes: the belief that this is a land whose gifts, charms and joys flow mostly to young people. The studies show that when you check on how happy people are at various ages, the elderly generally come out ahead."

And furthermore:

"Dr. Smith found that older people reported a larger number of health problems but tended to report far fewer difficulties overall — fewer financial, interpersonal and crime problems. The younger adults, Smith said, had less trouble with their health but had many more of the other kinds of predicaments, and those, in the long run, tended to trump their better health."

“It is counter to most people’s expectations,” Dr. Smith said. “People would expect it to be in the opposite direction — you start off by saying older people have illnesses, deaths of spouses — they must be less happy.”

Something to look forward to!

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