Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting There

Kind of excited, a little nervous, mostly happy about tonight. In the scheme of things, this is so insignificant really...but my hope is that I can make people laugh, and also tell them a few things they may not have known. I think that the gift of laughter is truly one of the most valuable gifts you can give a person. I hope people laugh! I invited some great laughers. (And I'm paying them too.)

I'm also excited that Zoe is going to be there. She is the greatest blessing in my life and I am thrilled that she can see her old mom get up and try something new. I guess it shows her that you are truly never too old to take a risk and follow a dream.

I'll write tomorrow about how it went. Right now I'm going to take a walk, listen to some peaceful music, read some Pema Chodron, get a massage later (a treat), and then get to the (little) theater.

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