Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oy Vey

Well, after almost eight years of the Bush/Cheney presidency we are so screwed. How do I count the ways? You know them, I don't have to remind you. So screwed. Right now we're in the economic mess and it is scary. I know that the Federal Reserve has billions of dollars, but how far can that go? And what happens when it's all gone? Anyway, you didn't come here to read my analysis of the economy, which is good because as I recall I got a C in economics.

Steve is leaving tonight for two weeks in Spain, just as the euro hit an all-time high against the dollar. Zoe and I will be on our own, just like we used to be when Steve was on the road all the time. We called ourselves the dynamic duo and we enjoyed our time together. That was before she hit puberty.

ME: Want to go to a movie?
ZOE: I'm sleeping.
ME: It's four o'clock in the afternoon
ZOE: I was up all night.

But Mamma Mia is opening this weekend and we have to go. We saw the play about a month and a half after 9/11 and it was such a relief to laugh and listen to music and be in a theater again. I do remember that when we came back after the intermission the orchestra hit such a loud booming note that the entire audience jumped a foot out of their seats in fear. It was a good release though and the evening reminded us that we could still have a good time at the theater.

This morning I had such a wonderful meditation. I don't know why sometimes it just feels so peaceful and easy. Maybe because it's a really beautiful summer day and I'm sitting near a window and feeling the breeze. I think that most days what I love about meditation is that it's my quiet time and stress seems to fall away...but sometimes I feel a sense of euphoria, which is what I felt today. And then I read the NY Times.

Maybe I should start a day count until Inauguration Day?

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