Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I would really love to have something really funny come out of me now, because God knows we all could use a good laugh.  One benefit of having George Bush as our President was that you had to laugh now and then or you would lose your mind.  President Obama is not that funny, is he?  And he's definitely trying to accomplish something, but what's up with those Democrats?

They are definitely not funny. 

I love that Jon Stewart can make us laugh even when we've lost most of our money in the stock market and we can't come up with any kind of health plan and I wish he could sit in on my divorce meeting that's coming up.  That would definitely lighten the mood, wouldn't it?  I would never divorce Jon Stewart, he's too cute.  And though I know he has thirty or so writers, he is pretty quick on his feet when it comes to humor.

And in my next relationship, humor will again be at the top of the list.  So now let's all take a deep breath, try to find something funny to at least smile about, and don't forget to exhale.  


staceyjwarner said...

you sound lighter, yay!

much love

David said...

I so look forward to see "Your Smiling Face." Good luck this weekend- stay strong.