Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer retreat in Connecticut 2009

If all goes well (and as my mother would say, don't give it a kinnahura) in a few hours I should be on the road with my friends John and Marsha heading to a retreat in West Cornwall, Connecticut. It's the Unity retreat I've gone on for the past three or so years, or is it just two? I can't remember. This year the theme is "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" I believe. I don't care. I just love being at the Trinity Conference Center, which consists of a two-story large house with about fifty or so guest rooms, a few other smaller houses scattered on the property, ten or so acres of land with a river running alongside it, (the Hoosatonic River). The food is delicious, all locally grown and healthy, not vegetarian, but plenty of veggies and salads and desserts to choose from. I can't wait to breathe in the clean air, take walks and get some exercise, meditate and get out of the city. A few weeks ago, I told Paul, the founder and minister of Unity, that my mother recently died and I had a few other difficult issues on my plate and he said, that's why you're here. This community is going to take care of you. So I look forward to being with lovely people and soaking in the support and love.

The first time I went on the retreat I barely knew anyone, I had only gone to their concert and enjoyed the music after a friend invited me. It was during a time my mother had pneumonia and was on hospice care. I signed up for the retreat on an impulse and I became "the woman who didn't know anyone and had the guts to come on a retreat." Now I am going to be able to feel all the feelings that come up for me and to know that I will be safe.

After the retreat, I'm going to visit my dear friend Julie and her husband Keith in Bethel, Ct. for the 4th of July. I am looking forward to that too.

Have a great holiday weekend.


Mia said...

Enjoy! I'll be happy thinking of you in such good supportive company.

WonderousWomanRetreat said...

Dear Robin,

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