Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zoe was here

Zoe arrived six days ago.  We immediately went up to the fifth floor in our building to a seder at our friends, Barbara Glickstein and Ethan Ellenberg's loft.  It was a great seder - filled with young people.  The food was delicious, all vegetarian - the seder was serious but also fun, we sang and played instruments and had good talks about freedom and questions in the Haggadah about language.  And then the next night, we went to Barbara and Harvey Toback's for a nice seder dinner - with Marilyn's delicious brisket.  Everyone was impressed with Zoe's poise and maturity.

For the next few days, Zoe ran around and saw her friends while I worked and we grabbed time together when we could.  I got to see Zoe's oldest friend, Willa, which was great. She looks beautiful and it was a pleasure to catch up with her.  Zoe saw some great theater "Sleep No More" and a good movie "Hanna" and I got to see "The Normal Heart" yesterday, which was excellent and also to go to NYU to a wonderful panel discussion with Patrice O'Neill, the filmmaker who creates films about communities standing up to hatred and intolerance.  Her organization is called Not In Our Town and Patrice was at the seder.  

I loved having Zoe here and seeing how much she's changed and matured.  I miss her now that she's left, but I think I will have to get on a plane soon and visit her again in San Francisco.  Or meet her somewhere - maybe Austin, Texas would be fun!  Who knows? 

It was a great week, she's off to Spain to visit her dad in May.  I'm off to Miami to have a fun weekend with my Mama Gena crew, and we have another reading possibly coming up.  I am working on living a day at a time and enjoying every day. Today is 75 degrees and Lucy is here with me, Zoe's on her way to the airport, I'm happy that I had time with my daughter and although the world and the country are in a huge mess, right now I am savoring the good feelings.  I love how the Japanese cope with their disasters - with calm fortitude and resilience. I hate the politics in our country now, it's so divisive, but somehow we manage to get through all the challenges.  

I think everyone should read Pema Chodron's writings and maybe we would be less angry at each other and more tolerant. 

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Zen Mama said...

I don't exactly know what a sedar is but I know it has to do with passover and I'm so happy Zoe came so you could show her off.

It has been a long journey for you but you seem to have come so far. One day, I would love to read the whole story!

I was with family in Oklahoma for Easter. Lots of lessons and love.