Monday, June 14, 2010

On Broadway

We live on Broadway - not where the theaters are - in SoHo, where all the shopping is.  Right now there are two men talking to each other quite loudly about pulleys and opening windows as they prepare the loft next door for a four day shoot.  The show is "Rubicon" produced by the same people who produce "Mad Men."  It's about the CIA and they are using our neighbor's loft as a set.  Our loft was once used for "Law and Order" and it's not uncommon for NYC apartments to be hired by studios for these kinds of shoots.  It is, unfortunately, very disruptive and though everyone is really nice and friendly, the shoots go late and it's probably going to be a difficult week.  (And we don't get paid for the inconvenience, only the neighbor whose loft they're using gets any money.)

On the other hand, I love show business, so I will try to make the best of it. The dogs are a bit confused by all the commotion and equipment being moved in and out, but there's also craft services, which might offer them some good scraps.  It's difficult to write when I can hear these men talking, so I think I'll stop here.  

Here's info about the show from the web:

The new TV Series, Rubicon AMC is fully cast by Miranda Richardson, Dallas Roberts and James Badge Dale (The Pacific and 24).
Rubicon by AMC is the new drama series Rubicon, which tells about intelligence analyst Will Travers, finds himself in the midst of a conspiracy. Sounds like a new espionage series starring by James Badge Dale, on Sunday.
The Rubicon premiere were scheduled to be this late summer, and the AMC will aired the sneak peak preview right after Sunday’s Breaking Bad finale.

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