Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Time Stands Still"

Two nights ago a friend of mine was talking about the play "Time Stands Still" which I have been dying to see.  Laura Linney, Brian D'Arcy James, Eric Bogosian and Alicia Silverstone are in the play, written by Donald Margulies.  My friend said it was a great play and that I should see it.  I was thinking of taking Zoe when she comes to visit in two weeks, but then out of the blue, I got invited to see the show tonight.  

It was brilliant - I thought everything about it was perfect, great writing, excellent direction, fantastic acting, a terrific ensemble, important questions raised, fully drawn characters.  What a thrill it is when theater really works.  There's nothing like it.  The audience was so silent, so engrossed, it really lived up to the good word of mouth and great reviews.  The play is about a photojournalist who is nearly killed by a roadside bomb and she returns to NY to recover from her injuries.  She's in a relationship with a journalist who is ready to give up their life of covering wars and wants them to get married.  Questions of our sense of purpose, of love, friendship, our family histories, so many issues were raised it was hard to believe it was only a two hour play - the time flew by.

We saw Eric after the show and he took the subway home with us.  What a fun night in NYC!  Pouring rain, streets are flooded, and still it was fun.  Eric's going to get Zoe and me house seats when she comes and I know she's going to love the show. This is the second Saturday night in a row that I got to see really great theater for free!  I'm pinching myself. 

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