Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Come Fly Away"

On a much lighter note, last night I went with my friends Roger and Cheryl to see "Come Fly Away" - Twyla Tharp's latest show.  I can't imagine anyone not enjoying listening to Frank Sinatra and seeing these gorgeous dancers move - with their amazing physicality, the sensuality and the fun of this show.  I haven't seen Twyla Tharp's other Broadway shows, so this was a treat - a free preview - a lovely evening with wonderful people I've met at Friends In Deed.  

Roger was one of the great cooks at the Mastery.  He said I was the most appreciative participant in all of the Masteries!  Maybe because they literally saved my life with their delicious meals, so lovingly prepared.  Thank you, Roger, for the food, the show and for your friendship! 

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