Friday, July 17, 2009

A better day

The interesting thing about pain is that one day you can be feeling awful and sad and then within 24 hours, you can have a better day and feel good. That's the kind of day I had today.

I picked up the postcards for my solo show at the Midtown International Theatre Festival and here is the link to buy tickets:

And I went to see someone to help me re-write my resume and she was great. She talked even faster than I do and the place I went to is called Fegs, which is an agency that helps people with all kinds of services, including career questions. I was floored by how many ideas she had for me and how she started re-writing my resume and I realized that I had many more skills that I hadn't even thought were marketable.

We set up another session for next week (did I say this was all free?) And as I left the building I checked my messages and found that I had a voice message from a producer who is doing a workshop of my play "Scrambled Eggs" up in the Berkshires. I wish I could go, but unfortunately it's exactly the same time as the solo show, the day before. I don't think I could handle seeing the workshop and then rushing back to town for the performance. That's disappointing, but great that it's happening.

One piece of sad news - I just read that Walter Cronkite died today. One of my friends recently told me that she went to his office for a meeting to talk about a project that he was interested in. I was surprised that he was still working, but I remember seeing him a few years ago at a restaurant on Madison Avenue and he looked very strong and alive. He lived to be ninety-two years old - another good long run. Most of us who are over forty or so will remember him as being such an important voice at CBS for so many years.

Anyway - life goes on and it's always bumpy, occasionally horrible, frequently exciting and totally unpredictable.

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Mia said...

The good parts are totally deserved and earned, Robin.