Thursday, December 4, 2008

A few more reasons

Yesterday I wrote that I've been feeling happy lately and I'm not sure why. Last night, I went to a screening of "The Reader" with Kate Winslett (who was phenomenal) and Ralph Feinnes, who was also wonderful, but is so handsome that it's hard to stop looking at his face and thinking, wow, do you look in the mirror everyday while you shave and think "Shit, I am stunning." And I love that he was involved with Francesca Annis, who was something like twenty years older than him. I saw him once in a store in SoHo (which is long gone) buying a beautiful cashmere robe, or something like that, for a woman. I presume it was for Francesca.

Then last night, I saw Ralph Feinnes on something...some show and he appeared to have either shaved his head or was bald. I wonder if he was wearing a toupee in the film? In any case, he didn't look quite so hot. And this is another reason why I hate real life.

Anyway, the point of this is lately I have seen one good movie after another: "Doubt" -"Frost/Nixon" - "Milk" and now "The Reader." And at all these screenings the filmmakers have been there to speak and that is also really fascinating. Last night David Hare, who adapted the novel, spoke. I've also seen several great films on Netflix, "Dangerous Beauty," "Sense and Sensibility," that film about the chorus of people over 80 (can't remember the name).

Also, being here with just Zoe while Steve is away is kind of a nice vacation. And he's having a great time in Spain, preparing for his presentation on December 12th.

And once again, I can only say how happy I am that George and Laura are beginning to pack up their belongings and head to Dallas. Well, their servants are packing.

This week we had to endure more Sarah Palin sitings, but hopefully, she'll stay up in Alaska for at least a couple of years. Until her book comes out.

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JimBob said...

Hey, Robin, it's Jim.

While you're on a roll with good movies, go see "Slumdog Millionaire."