Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eat, pray, goodbye

Steve just cooked a delicious leek risotto and tomorrow he's leaving for Spain for two weeks for the presentation of the photography show he is curating. I just watched "The Visitor" which was a wonderful film, very surprising and moving.

I wish I could write about what I'm really feeling, but I think it isn't the time. I guess it's enough to say that life is hard, much harder for most of the rest of the world, but I don't think anyone gets through life without struggling. I feel bad about what's happened the past few days in India. Both Steve and Zoe have been there and they both loved it and had wonderful experiences and met lovely people. We hosted a Joyitta, the sweetest young woman and spent time with the other eleven students who came here for a few weeks on an exchange. A few of them talked about moving to Mumbai for college. I hope that they are all right. We can only imagine how terrifying it was in Mumbai and all over India these past few days and how devastating it is for those who lost their family members and friends.

You know what really annoys me? CNN's "Terror in India" logo and their theme music. It really pisses me off. Every disaster has a special logo and theme music.

I was reminded by my friend John that these are the shortest days of the year and in a few weeks the days will be getting longer again. So even though it will be winter, we'll have more daylight.

And a new President. Goodbye, George. I bet you are counting the days.

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