Friday, November 14, 2008

Current events

Just a brief post because I am excited that President elect Obama asked Hillary to be his Secretary of State and I have to say that I thought that would happen long before he won the nomination. And I hope that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. becomes our next Senator!

And Prop 8? What a travesty. That won't last, but it's truly disgusting that they managed to sneak that through by manipulating people through fear.

One final thought, there's a new product that's out now made by a company called 23 and Me. It decodes a person's genome and tells us all kinds of information, like whether or not we will get cancer and what kind (or I guess if we are pre-disposed to get cancer), or heart disease, Alzheimer's, etc., whether we carry diseases in our genes like Parkinson's which we would be passing on, tolerances to drugs, caffeine, alcohol, etc. It's kind of amazing and it costs $399. I'm wondering if I would want to know all of this information. I think so. Here's their website:

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bernthis said...

that is the last thing a neurotic Jewish woman from NY needs to do LOL, I'd obsess over it for all the days I have left. LOL