Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ups and downs

Actually, what I was going to write about was my emotional roller coaster, but after I wrote the title, I thought how boring.  Who cares about my mood swings?  Who isn't moody in this horrible heat wave?

What I want to write about is all the things I'm grateful for.  My life, living in this loft with Abigail, our friendship (we're both sitting in the living room, writing on our laptops), living in a rent stabilized loft on the best block in SoHo (I know people think Mercer is the best, but having lived there for 17 years, Crosby Street is better.)  I'm grateful for our building, all the lovely people who live here.  We have such nice neighbors.  I'm grateful for Lucy, sitting by my side. I'm incredibly grateful for my daughter.  I wish she didn't live so far away and that she didn't live in San Francisco - too worried about earthquakes.

I'm grateful for experiences and moments.  The other day I was showing a loft downtown and the woman I was showing it to asked if she could sing, she wanted to test the acoustics.  So I said, "Of course," and she sang a beautiful song, seemed like a Gospel song, and it was so lovely.

I love that I meet interesting people every day.  I'm watching a show about New York now and I feel grateful that I live here - even on a miserable summer day.  


"Trying to describe New York is like trying to hold water in your hand." 

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