Sunday, April 18, 2010

Renewed, rejuvenated, Regena-ed

I just spent the entire weekend working as support staff for a Mama Gena Mastery and all I can say is I am so grateful to be part of this community of women who come from all over the world (except Europe, sadly, this weekend, all the European women couldn't make it because of the volcano in Iceland) and I know how disappointed they must have been.  And those that did come from Europe (who managed came before the volcano erupted) but can't get home, will be housed by their "sister goddesses," as members of the community are called.  

I wish that I could really describe the power of being in a room full of women whose ages range from 18-80 something, all races, many straight, many lesbians, who have all kinds of jobs, are single, married, divorced, in the process of getting divorced or married, or dating, or not dating.  Women who came to this Mastery generally because someone told them about it (Regena doesn't advertise), who are in search of themselves, in search of finding and reclaiming their lives, so that they can go back to their families, jobs, lives with renewed passion and pleasure and loving themselves and everyone else.  

I know that's vague and I think that Regena's newest book will be the best representation of her work because it keeps evolving.  I don't know exactly when that book will be published, but I will write about it when it is.  It was an honor to serve the women in the community, as I was served when I took the course a year and a half ago.  And I feel very juicy and happy tonight, thinking about all that happened this weekend.  Mostly, like Friends In Deed, it's about feeling your feelings...all of them.  And when I first went to this Mastery, I wasn't feeling much of anything - I was shut down.  And now I'm awake and alive.  

This morning, when I arrived at nine a.m., Beth, who runs the entire weekend said, "Our opening fell apart and we need a couple of people to perform" and my hand shot up.  When sessions begin, there's always some kind of fun opening that involves music and sometimes a motorcycle driven by a hot guy, or pretty much anything. I had been feeling a bit blue on Saturday night (during the sessions on Saturday we did some work on sadness) but I love to perform and I ended up on stage with two other women, dancing to the Abba song "Money, Money, Money" - (because the brilliant Barbara Stanny was speaking this morning about women and money.)  Mama Gena joined us onstage, Barbara Stanny loved it and all the women got up and danced it set the tone for the day - for everyone - especially me.  I "conjured" that experience and was lifted up by doing something that gives me pleasure and being of service to the room.

And that's pretty much what it's about: a giant community of women, coming together to learn how to love themselves and each other, and their families and friends, and to feel their feelings, and do really great things in the world and for the world. I wish we could do it every weekend. 

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Zen Mama said...

I see you dancing in front of that room, giving of yourself and living in the moment and it makes me smile.