Monday, February 22, 2010

The official description of the Mastery Workshop

I found this on Facebook this morning.  It is much clearer description of the workshop:

"The Mastery Workshop is an intensive weekend workshop founded in the belief that when we have an experience of self-empowerment, the circumstances of our lives, including HIV or cancer, do not necessarily have to determine the quality of our lives. In a time of crisis we explore the possibilities of living full, rich and empowered lives. The workshop is designed to release the relationships and patterns that keep us tied to the past and undermine our self-worth. The work is accomplished through one-on-one interaction between trained facilitators and participants, group support, emotional exercises and visualizations, which are used for self-discovery. The Mastery is not a belief system -- each participant spends quality time and receives nurturing support to discover his or her own self-worth, manner of self-expression and uniqueness.

Founded in 1985 by Sally Fisher and originally conceived as The AIDS Mastery Workshop, the workshop has since expanded to include people dealing with a wide-array of life-challenging and life-changing issues. Reflecting that wider inclusiveness, the name was ultimately changed to "The Mastery Workshop" and serves people just like you and me."

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