Monday, December 7, 2009

Out of the cold

Well, not quite a hundred percent out of the cold, but much much better.  These viruses are hard to beat, I'm grateful that I didn't have to go to work (since I don't have a job) and could rest most of the time.  I had absolutely no energy, but today I walked a bit and vacuumed and went to Friends In Deed, so it was a very productive day.  And I am feeling better, just not completely.  I'm missing a party for the Writers' Guild tonight because it's on 125th Street and I don't have the energy to schlep that far. Tomorrow night, a group of my Mama Gena women are getting together for a reunion at the Harvard Club and I want to feel well enough to go to that.

I have to say that I'm on and it struck me today, as I was reading some profiles, how difficult it is - and also brave I guess - to put your "ad" for yourself on-line and hope that someone really special finds you.  I know that many people have found their partners on these websites, but I'm just not sure it's possible.  

I do have good news...really good news.  It appears that our play that had the reading this past summer in the Berkshires is going to have another reading in Manhattan this coming March.  The director, Matt Penn, is going to direct again and I don't know who the cast will be, but I'm sure they'll find great people and I'm looking forward to it.  They're searching for a venue that will hold about 150 people. 

I'm looking forward to feeling healthy again - walking the dogs in the cold, with a cold is not fun.  I enjoy walking them most of the year, but December - March is really rough.  Today, Lucy dragged me into the jewelry store Me & Ro (she has excellent taste) and I had fun trying on some very lovely jewelry.  Mary Louise Parker wears all their jewelry on "Weeds" - so I guess I'd have to be a drug dealer to be able to afford it.  

I would think that there would be many people in the city who love dogs and would love to take them for a week or two during the winter?  No? 

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staceyjwarner said...

glad to hear you are feeling better...on-line dating is tough. i've done it for years but i've met some interesting people and i met the captain on-line. i prefer chemistry or eharmony because you are matched rather than picked personals also has some great people on it.

much love