Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is in the air

The trial is over.  It was an excellent and difficult learning experience.  When the case finally came to the jury to deliberate, it was a gender war in the jury room.  I have never experienced so much emotion and yelling (well, maybe with my parents...)  Anyway, we found for the plaintiff, who had been a Playboy playmate and was treated with excess force by a police officer.  At least that's what 5 out of 6 of us on the jury agreed to.

I'm happy that it's over and I'm very glad I did it.  It was fascinating to be in a courtroom and to experience being a member of a jury.  February, usually my least favorite month, went by very quickly for me.

There have been horrible tornadoes in the midwest, the Republicans are ridiculous, Rush Limbaugh remains a jerk, life goes on.  I'm grateful that spring is coming in just a couple of weeks.  And now I'm taking dance classes twice a week. I wish I didn't get so dizzy when we practice the turns, but I still love it. 

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White Horses on the Bay said...

I took your words to heart and have been reading your blog back in the 2009 postings as well as more recent ones. I felt a pang of serendipity today when I read the one about you being a juror. Strangely, I was a juror recently, too. It is such an eye-opening experience for anyone. I am beginning to look at my situation from more than the beginning of the dark tunnel. Kind of like weighing the evidence and listening to both sides at the trial. Well, today I'm doing that....tonight I may just cry myself to sleep again. This was my blog about jury duty.