Friday, June 24, 2011

Yay for NY!

We are watching history - the New York State legislature is voting on gay marriage tonight.  It looks like the bill will pass - I'm hoping that it will happen. This is thrilling - long overdue.  If it doesn't pass it will shocking.  

I guess I'll have to update this after the vote, but I'm feeling optimistic.

And I have to add, I am not a big believer in marriage these days - but everyone should have the same rights, it is a question of simple human rights to me.  I'm so proud of NY State.  


And just to add, I think no one should get married before they've lived together at least ten years.  If they still want to get married after that, great.  But it's not something to take lightly and it's definitely not easy to live with someone - no matter how much you love them.   And I think it's important to truly be honest and not try to be someone you're not, before you get married.  

It does seem to work well for many people, so I'm happy that in New York State - everyone has the right to marry.  And I'm proud to be a New Yorker.  We are an enlightened state. 

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