Monday, January 26, 2009

All by myself

Steve is in Los Angeles this week visiting his family and my daughter Zoe just went out to a doctor's appointment.

This is the first time in I don't know how long that I am alone in my apartment and the expression "beside myself" feels applicable. Sometimes you just need to be alone, so you can think and listen to the silence and breathe.

I lived alone for over eleven years and I remember at times feeling so lonely that I practically ached. I spent quite a bit of time at my next door neighbor's apartment. Susie and I were like the Mary and Rhoda of West Hollywood. She often fed me, which was always an added perk.

I am grateful for having a family, our two wonderful dogs, for having good friends and people I can call when I am feeling blue. But right now I am just enjoying the quiet.

Oh darn, the phone just rang. And here's something else on my gratitude list: caller I.D.

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Mia said...

Whew! I was going to call you today because I hadn't heard from you in so long. But I'm glad I didn't interrupt that precious time alone.