Friday, August 1, 2008

Ode to a Park

Fort Greene Park
Well, this is not really an ode
Because I am not a poet
But joy! I was able to add a photo of my park!
To this page!
I call it "mine" because I love it
and it's the reason I so enjoy living in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The park is the center of this community
a place where I can go to be in nature.
It's where we walk our dogs, Lucy and Lola
whose photos I will upload soon.

This park is a little Central Park
three minutes from our home.
Everyday you can find people sunbathing, playing tennis,
soccer, frisbee, walking their dogs, having parties, barbecuing,
reading the newspaper,
getting together with their friends.
It's not as large as either Central Park or Prospect Park,
but it was also designed by Frederick Olmsted
and it's the perfect size for me.
Walt Whitman used to go to this park and he was a poet
(and a clerk and a teacher and an editor and all kinds of things)

I always feel happy when I enter the park
isn't it beautiful?

UPDATE: I just found out today that
Fort Greene Park was the first park in Brooklyn!

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