Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little rant

This is a pre-meditation rant. Perhaps I would have been more mellow post-meditation, but I've been wanting to say something about these particular things for years:

1) Thongs. I can't believe that anyone finds them comfortable. I know everyone says they get used to them, but I still don't understand having a thing stuck in between your butt cheeks would be anything but annoying. And I know that I will never be able to wear them - and why bother? If I never look at my ass in the mirror, so who cares if I have a visible panty line? And isn't that one of the benefits of getting older - not to care quite so much about this shit?

2) High Heels. 4" high heels specifically, even 3" high heels. WHY? It's like walking around on your tip toes all day long and isn't that pleasant? I know they look good in magazines, but in real life, come on? Who can walk in them? All I ever see is young women wobbling around the city, hailing cabs. How is this progress for women? I admit, I have one pair. I bought the kind with Nike Air technology. Bullshit. They felt great in the store and hurt like hell when you wear them for more then five minutes. I also blame Oprah for showing up every day on her show wearing ridiculous high heels. She's a billionaire (or close to it). Why does she care how tall she looks? Doesn't that much success give you the freedom to show up in slippers if you want?

3) Pee on toilet seats. What are these women doing? Standing there and swaying or something, getting pee all over the seat, then grabbing some toilet paper, and flushing without even noticing the mess they've made? Are they drunk or something? I find this extremely annoying and unacceptable. Who raised these people?

4) The Taliban are back! More killing! More attacks! How many lives have been lost, how many billions have been spent on this war on terror? Thanks Bush, Rumseld, Cheney, Rice, etc. Let's elect McCain so we can continue this obviously brilliant strategy of fighting global terror.

7) Reality shows. Amazing Race, not bad. Project Runway, kind of fun. Top Chef, I don't mind it. A few others...maybe not so bad. Who watches Big Brother? Idiots. Who cares about people sitting around picking their noses and plotting to get rid of their roommates. Who needs this? Survivor? Is it still on? People starving themselves to death? How is this entertaining?

6) $2,000 handbags. $1,000 pairs of shoes. 11,000 square foot houses. A new Prada skirt made out of gold. Price: $2500. (It's in the NY Times today. Really.)

1 billion people in this world have no access to clean water. They have less than the equivalent of a dollar. They go to bed hungry, homeless, and afraid for their lives every single night.

Let's elect Obama and try at least to make some changes in this world, in this country and in this crazy culture. It's not going to be a panacea, but it's got to be better than four more years of Republicans.

OKAY. I feel better. Thanks.

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peanut said...

Now there is nothing I would like better than liking to wobble around in high heels--it would make me feel like I really did grow up to be what I wanted to be when (if) I grew up---a contortionist, a member in tight wire act--but alas--I stumble around in my Birkenstocks and earn my bread and butter teaching people to reveal all the family secrets --hey it's fiction.